Proof of Concept ERP Kennemervis Groep


The home base of the Kennemervis Group is located in the former fishing village of Spakenburg. Started out as fishermen in Katwijk, they now supply a wide range of fresh, frozen and processed fish as well as vegetarian products. A versatile company with passionate employees spread over various locations in the Netherlands and Denmark. These employees serve 6.5 million moments of consumption every week. With this passion and knowledge and with respect for people, the sea and the natural environment, the Kennemervis Group want to make fish and vegetarian products more accessible to an even wider group of consumers and markets, now and in the near future.


Due to growth, chain integration and organizational developments, there is a need for a state-of-the-art ERP landscape. Not only should this replace the currently outdated landscape, but it will also be a big step forward in supporting and automating the business processes, in order to get more out of the organization and to be ready for the supply chain of the future. In this case, the ERP solution is only a first step and facilitates the business change.

After careful selection, the foodware solution of Aptean/Schouw was chosen, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Chainresult was asked for guidance; to organize, facilitate and implement the entire scala of functionality, data and process change. In addition, Chainresult provides the overall project management of this mainly business-driven project.

Role Chainresult

In order to realize this challenge, a start was made with mapping out the desired, future business design and related processes, in co-operation with the management team and specialists. Subsequently, it was decided to compare unique processes “with the Kennemervis Group DNA” against the possibilities of the future solution, via a Proof of Concept (PoC). In this PoC, the solution is partly configured with specific business processes and data of the Kennemervis Group. The PoC demonstrates the feasability of both the application and the project team before starting the full implementation. Future users and decision-makers can see “live” whether unique sub-processes, for example from order picking to delivery, will fit into the new solution. Compared to a classic blueprint and implementation, a PoC has a short lead time of a few months, combined with a limited investment. During this phase Chainresult has used its knowledge, experience and methodologies to achieve, together with all parties involved, the desired result for the Kennemervis Group.

Project benefits

In addition to knowledge of the solution, a better insight into intended business processes has been achieved, as well as the way in which these processes can be supported by the preferred solutions. During this phase an effort was made to involve and inform the main stakeholders within the Kennemervis Group and to ensure acceptance of the choices made. The PoC has shown that in addition to the basic processes, the most important fish and farm-specific processes are supported: “This is a big step forward”. Food-specific requirements such as ingredient declarations, quality control and fast processing of fresh products are amply supported. In addition, there is an extensive layer of applications that will increase insight in the field of EDI, Data, BI and Reporting and to enable to work more efficiently and to realize business improvements, for example loss reduction. Chainresult successfully completed this phase mid-May 2020.

In summary: The desired processes have a good fit with the intended solution and the degree of organizational change is transparent. In addition, a detailed action plan has been drawn up based on a clearly defined scope for this implementation and realization, including timing, dependencies and budget. Within Kennemervis Groep there is broad acceptance for a follow-up and it has been decided to proceed with implementation from Q1 2021. Chainresult will also lead this implementation and help execute the business integration.