FPL improves information flow within the supply chain


Fresh Pack Logistics B.V. (FPL) is a young and dynamic organization. FPL offers a total package of logistics services to trading companies that focus on fruit and vegetables products. At FPL’s logistic location  In the center of the fruit and vegetable trading area in Barendrecht, FPL locates a modern cold store with independent refrigerated compartments and a several packing lines. The third party logistics (3PL) services consist of Warehousing, Value Added Logistics, Repackaging and packing, Quality checks, Transportation and Customs Clearance.


Due to increasing needs and requirements related to quality of products, more and more is expected from a logistics service provider, especially concerning storing information and the provisioning of this information within the supply chain. An ERP/WMS selection procedure has been started to select a platform in which the required information can be captured, stored and shared with (internal and external) relevant stakeholders. Within the platform, portals and interfaces via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) were designed to facilitate the information sharing with customers and suppliers. This digital exchange of information has significantly reduced the many daily direct contacts (telephone / email).

In addition to the external information provisioning, efficient operational control is essential for the effective service provision that FPL strives for. During the selection process, the features and functions regarding automatic warehouse control were essential for the consideration of the ERP/WMS system.

FPL strives for uniform processes with all its customers, but also wants to remain flexible to meet the varied demands of customers. Because each customer has specific process-related needs, and often a unique system support, it was challenging to guarantee the desired uniformity. Particularly due to the implementation of the extensive ESB, FPL can organize its processes uniformly and still meet the varied demands from customers.

Role Chainresult

Chainresult started an assessment of all processes and interfaces with the desired system support. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was drafted and sent out to potential software vendors. During the implementation phase, both project management and support on key topics was assigned to Chainresult. Monitoring the integrality within the project with many internal and external stakeholders has been of great importance in the success of the implementation.

Project benefits

By migrating to the new platform, FPL is able to serve its customers even better and is able to provide real-time information, making many direct internal communications (telephone / email) obsolete. Processes are even more automated, and information is captured and stored in a uniform manner. This has contributed to the efficient collaboration between back office employees and warehouse employees.

Both Finance & Control and the services for one of FPL’s largest customers have now been accommodated within the ERP / WMS system. The extensive, but generic interface makes it relatively easy to connect new customers without having to make many modifications in the customer’s or FPL’s information system.