ERP implementation Vergeer Holland


Vergeer Holland was founded in 1934 and is considered to be one of the largest and innovative cheese manufacturers of Europe. The company is specialized in the ripening, cutting and packaging of cheese for customers in both The Netherlands as well as abroad. Vergeer Holland has production sites located in Reeuwijk, Woerden and Bodegraven, employing in total some 600 employeesVergeer Holland has started the construction of new production site for ripening, production and storage right next to the current distribution centre in Bodegraven


Due to growth in production, an increase in size of the organization and changes in legislation and regulation within the industry, Vergeer Holland has decided to implement a state-of-the-art ERP system. Vergeer Holland’s current way of working was characterized by an outdated system landscape, fragmentation and personal dependencies. The company wanted to support both industry processes as well as Vergeer Holland specific processes within the intended new ERP system. Process standardization, process optimization and scalability regarding the current and future operations of Vergeer Holland have been key pillars during the verification and implementation of the ERP system. Critical processes such as the registration and follow-up of drying results and the therewith associated cheese treatment plans must be supported by the ERP system.

Role Chainresult

In order to realize the above-mentioned challenge, Chainresult was asked to support Vergeer Holland in verifying and implementing the ERP system. During the project at Vergeer Holland, Chainresult has fulfilled the roles of business consultancy and change- and project management. Critical business processes have been analyzed and documented by means of creating various operating models and process documents/memos. Given the accomplished growth in maturity and independence which the organization has realized during and in parallel with the ERP project, Chainresult handed the project over to Vergeer Holland at the end of quarter 1 2020,. Vergeer Holland has acquired the self-reliance to successfully start using the ERP system, into which the construction of the new production site in Bodegraven will also be integrated. Vergeer Holland and Chainresult have worked towards a hand-over of the project to the point where the preparations for the SIT (System Integration Test) have been completed with the full scope of a go-live.

Expected project benefits

Cheese- and company specific processes will be supported by the ERP system, so that process optimizations can be realized within Vergeer Holland. It will be easier to optimize cross-departmental processes. Vergeer Holland will able to register its drying and ripening processes within the ERP system allowing a system-driven treatment of the cheese, using a treatment plan as basis. Furthermore, the ERP system will provide Vergeer Holland with insight and management information for the purpose of aligning, amongst others, the raw material planning with the production planning. Supported by the integrated warehousing module, any inbound, outbound and production related logistical movement will be registered and supported.