A reliable system implementation Dekker Chrysanten


Dekker Chrysanten is one of the largest chrysanthemum breeders in the world. The (family) business, which markets new chrysanthemum varieties globally, has its own production facilities in the Netherlands (Hensbroek) and Tanzania. The sales offices are located in the Netherlands, Columbia and South Africa. Dekker Chrysanten focuses on innovation and process automation in many different manners.


Due to an increase in production volume, Dekker Chrysanten was searching for a way to further optimize its production process.  Given the complexity in planning within the chrysanthemum cultivation, the registration of the information flow within the internal chain at all times is of fundamental importance. Before Chainresult’s involvement in the project, an ERP-selection process had taken place in order to choose an information system that would optimally support this requirement.

There are many factors that can complicate the planning of chrysanthemum cultivation; during the cultivation process itself, due to changing weather conditions and complications during transportation. The information system should primarily support optimization of planning and supply within the internal chain.

The implementation scope was characterized by essential communication between the ERP system and the middleware that controls the production machines and conveyor belts. This exchange of data is crucial to obtain an up-to-date overview of the production progress and capacity.

Role Chainresult

After a rough start within the implementation process, Chainresult was asked to play a leading role in successfully completing the project. The first step was to map the processes within Dekker Chrysanten in relation to the desired system support. Chainresult reccomended adjustment of the implementation scope. This was particularly aimed at reducing the implementation complexity and the associated impact on the organization. A clear description of the implementation scope and approach, including a description of the additional optimization steps after completion of phase 1, formed the basis for the continuation of the implementation process.

During the implementation process, Chainresult was responsible for the project management and has ensured coordination between the various stakeholders and associated follow-up. On top of that, Chainresult has also put her substantive knowledge to use in supporting the optimization of the processes and the design of the information system.

Project benefits

By following the recommended implementation scope and adjusting the necessary internal processes, Dekker Chrysanten has been able to optimize its production process. Controlling the correct (master) data has led to a significant reduction of changes that were caused internally. Supported by the system, conflicts caused by changes that remain necessary have been made visible on time so that timely action can be taken.